About Us

 Many reminisce about their youth when they lived for the excitement of the county fair, the arrival   of the carnival, or perhaps travelling to the ocean to spend their days and nights taking in the sights   and sounds of the boardwalk. They may have stumbled across a vendor selling small sheets of   cardboard which they could squirt colorful paint on while it was spinning very fast. They could walk   away with their own creation; a wild randomly splashed spin-art design. It may have been worthy of   a frame or at the very least, a place on the refrigerator.

 That was then. Now, with the access to a wide variety of durable fabric paints that withstand wash   after wash, spin-art designs can be applied to clothing and fabric with unbelievable results.

 I have spent the last 25 years developing and perfecting the portable equipment and process for   spin-art designing T-shirts, sweatshirts, painter hats, stretched canvas and many fabric articles.

 Through more than two decades of experimentation, I have created a wide variety of designs that   people from all segments of our population are proud to wear and display. Everyone searches for   that "unique" gift idea. Each and every custom designed product created through this process is   truely one of a kind!

 Let's get creative together and book a fun Tornado T's event or party for your group. You will be   amazed with the results!

 Kevin Bailey

 Owner/Inventor - Tornado T's