"The Perinton Recreation and Parks Department Summer Playground program has been using Tornado T's for many years. The children look forward to making their creation each year and wear them proudly to camp. Kevin templates and creative ideas make this accessible for everyone." Jeff Nutting, Assistant Recreation Director, Perinton Recreation and Parks

"The HFL Summer Recreation program and the HFL Cougar Care after school program have enjoyed Kevin Bailey's Tornado T's Tee Shirt Spin Art service for the past 10 years. The children never seem to tire of watching the artist at work in the overhead mirror as he spins one of several colorful designs they get to choose from. Kevin delivers a quality product that the kids enjoy wearing and displaying until a growth spurt puts a stop to it. Kevin is easy to work with, friendly with the children, and gives a great performance every time. He will stay until all the work is done and every customer is satisfied."

"A convenient aspect of Tornado T's is that Kevin brings all of his materials right to your location. All you need to provide is a clean semi-cotton tee shirt. Kevin also provides a menu of designs and colors ahead of time so the kids can preview the many choices available and be ready to go when he arrives. This prevent a potentially tough and time-consuming decision in the "moment of spinning"."

"I highly recommend Tornado T's for your next party, event, or child care program." John G. - HFL Summer Rec.

"The Marcus Whitman Summer Camp has been working with Tornado T's for many years. Each year the kids and staff look forward to the day that Kevin and his spin art get to come to our program. Everyone enjoys getting to create their own masterpiece. Thank you to Kevin for doing such a wonderful job!" Jason Green - Director, Marcus Whitman Recreation

"Thank you for hosting the team bonding party for Jade. The kids had an amazing time and they all loved their shirts. Everything went very smoothly at a price everyone could afford. Best time ever. Thank you again." Jade Core Athletix-Canandaigua

Sip-N-Spin Party "Retired teacher friends, (Jill Bailey and Kevin Bailey) who have Tornado T's, branched out to develop a new concept. Participants choose a t-shirt, tote bag or canvas. Using a template or free hand, we use one of the 27 kinds of paint to decorate the item. The we put it in their 4th generation spinner to get the flared effect.  Finally, it goes in the dryer for about 10 minutes. What makes it fun is that you can bring your own drinks and snacks.  I joined a group of teacher friends. Kevin and Jill guided us all the way.  Either Kevin or the spinner corrects any goofs.  Best of all, you don't have to be creative!"  Linda P. 11/17

"Thank you! Everyone had a great time and they are all wearing their t-shirts to school today!!!" Cindi 3/18/2018

"This is a great activity for all...tall and small. Kevin has been several times to FLCC Child Care anf each time has been even better! The children love creating their t-shirt and leaving at the end of the day with their creation on! Heidi Bliss, Director